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Think Beyond "Survival"

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29 Years of Experience in Sales & Training Development

Laura Klein Group helps small business owners gain the competitive edge by offering training in leadership development & effective sales strategies while ensuring they live their best life.

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Small Business Advocate
Think Beyond “Survival”

I’ve experienced the triumphs and challenges of small businesses my entire life. With only 25% of businesses surviving past 15 years or more, my passion is simple— to help small business owners think beyond survival. Assisting owners to excel and grow through a proactive approach rather than a reactive one has never been more important. I also like to think of myself as a “master connector”—helping people meet people that they may have never met without my introduction. It’s not who we know, it’s who we need to get to know!

Mind & Body Wellness
Take Care of YOURSELF to Grow Exponentially

As everyone looks for ways to improve their overall business strategies, one thing is certain—without balance in mind & body wellness, nothing else matters. In order to maximize one’s efforts and results, we must be healthy on every level. I can assist others on a health journey to wellness which will lead to living the best version of one’s self. As a business owner, manager or leader of an organization, it takes a great amount of energy, mentally & physically, to build a business that will experience stability, longevity, security and ultimately profitability.

Effective Sales Strategies
Change is the Only Constant in Life

The sales landscape has drastically changed in recent years. Today, the consumer is now in charge of the sales process. Finding out what the customer wants, providing value to the sales process and being open to new ways of selling is critical in today’s market. No longer can the “brand” send one way messages to consumers in the form of advertising. Marketing has become a two way conversation with the customer! As a matter of fact, 76% of today’s buyers are ready to have a social media conversation allowing you to identify potential customers that meet your established criteria—such as their role, their function or industry.

Leadership Development & Training
It starts with Effective Leadership

With 29 years in the sales field, and building two large organizations, I can help small businesses thrive through assessment, tools and strategies, leadership and business coaching services. What is your company culture like? Are your employees engaged? What are your pain points? What are your goals? Many of these answers will rely greatly on the current leadership of the organization. A company is only as strong as the leader who creates the vision, influences others to embrace the vision, effective goal setting and surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, skilled people!

Serving My Community
The Essence of Life is to Serve Others and Do Good

Sharing my time, talent & treasures are a huge part of how I was raised and why, today, I choose to give back and serve others, specifically non-for-profits that align with my beliefs and passions. My overwhelming desire to support non-for-profits has evolved based on a few life experiences.

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